• all data is stored on users machines
  • all data goes directly to remote peers, no authority servers
  • every user keeps just a piece of data, completely useless for him
  • data "disintegration", in fact your files stored in the network is not exists in the usual sense
  • DataHaven.NET uses modified Hamming codes to split backed up data into RAID array
  • donate to other users twice more than you need for your own files
  • wait until other people fill your HDD with their files
  • keep your computer working - so they can always restore
  • secure back up your own data on remote machines for FREE
  • every user posses his own Private Key
  • all data stored on remote machines are encrypted with his Key
  • any packet transferred over the Internet is encrypted and digitally signed
  • you can select your Private Key size during install process
  • we do not like passwords!
  • no emails
  • no secret questions to recover your account
  • no passwords stored on a single server
  • only your Private Key provide access to your data stored in the DataHaven.NETwork
  • no way to recover your account and stored files if you lost the Key - keep it safe!
  • print your Private Key on paper sheet, copy on USB flash, store several copies in safe places
  • in fact DataHaven.NET just keep your settings, we have no physical access to your data
  • veselin@dell64:~$ datahaven backup start /home/veselin/Public/
    Copyright 2006, DataHaven.NET LTD. of Anguilla. All rights reserved.
    new folder was added:
      0/0/0 : backup started
    availible space :  20 Gb
    total space used:  0 bytes
    used per supplier: 0 bytes
    veselin@dell64:~$ datahaven backups
    Copyright 2006, DataHaven.NET LTD. of Anguilla. All rights reserved.
      [path ID]                   [local path / version]                            [size]
      0                           /home                                             0 bytes  
      0/0                         /home/veselin                                     0 bytes  
      0/0/0                       /home/veselin/Public                              3.13 GB  
                                    F20140214031719AM                               ?
    veselin@dell64:~$ datahaven stats 0/0/0/F20140214031719AM
    Copyright 2006, DataHaven.NET LTD. of Anguilla. All rights reserved.
      [0/0/0/F20140214031719AM] /home/veselin/Public
      this backup is currently running
      currently 4.25 MB read from total 3.13 GB size, this is 0.133%
      backup copy contains 238 files at this point
      encrypted 17 blocks of data
  • DataHaven.NET is cross-platform application
  • written in Python 2.7 using Twisted framework
  • Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8
  • Ubuntu/Debian
  • I need a MacBook to build release for MacOS :-)
  • DataHaven.NET uses virtual credits
  • you spent credits to rent storage space from other users
  • you gain credits by providing your HDD to others
  • accumulate enough credits and sell them to users who need space
  • you can buy credits in DataHaven.NET LTD with your Credit Card
  • WARNING! no way to use stolen credit cards, you can spent your purchased credits only to pay for storage, you buy "non-transferable" credits
  • you can sell your earned credits for BitCoins
  • we plan to start buying credits from users for $ US when get some profits
  • you can set a schedule for every file or folder you wish to backup
  • new version of your local data will be created when scheduler fire the event
  • you set how many versions to keep, older will be removed
  • DataHaven.NET divide all backed up data on blocks
  • remote user keep just a piece of every block as a single file on his local drive
  • so theoretically you can back up any amount of data
  • the data redundacy is 2:1
  • so the copy of your data stored in the network takes twice more than original data size
  • DataHaven.NET compress files with gzip during backup process, in fact it can be less than double size
  • data redundancy and ECC method allow to rebuild your data stored on remote machines
  • you need to protect your Private Key as good as possible
  • keep one copy of your Key on USB flash drive
  • you can set up DataHaven.NET and it will start up only with that USB flash and read your Key
  • software will keep a copy of your Key only in RAM and do not save on local disk
  • after start up your PC - remove the USB stick and keep it safe
  • when your backup is finished - remove the original data from the local disk
  • if you lost your PC be sure the power were switched OFF - RAM will be erased
  • now if you lost your PC you do not loose your data - you have the Key, bad guy don\'t have!
  • than you can recover your account with your Private Key from USB stick and restore the data
  • DataHaven.NET software is written in Python and distributed as is
  • we provide executable code in Python sources
  • however this is proprietary software, not GPL, BSD, etc.
  • you can run the program for any purpose
  • you can study how the program works, and change it so it does your computing as you wish
  • you can redistribute copies so you can help your neighbor
  • but you CAN NOT distribute copies of your modified versions to others
  • if you wish to change the code - send me your modifications, I hope to build an open society around the project
  • you need to run DataHaven.NET software on your machine and keep it working
  • be connected with other users who stores your data
  • software will monitor every piece of your backed up data
  • not reliable suppliers will be replaced with fresh users
  • data redundancy and ECC method allows to rebuild the lost fragments
  • reconstructed pieces will be uploaded to new supplier
  • if you do not want to keep you PC working to monitor your distributed data you can assign another user to do this for you, but this will cost
  • you can keep several backed up versions of given folder or file
  • you can limit this in settings
  • you can set unlimited number of versions to keep, but check that you have enough distributed storage space
  • older version will be removed